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Text stroke 3D printer: a unique expert in hand making

The development trend of the times change rapidly, continue to impact on modern people's way of life, with the rise of customization, the demand of people start moving towards diversification and individuation development, multi variety and small batch products has become the trend of mass consumption. The process designer, only constantly updated product design style, put forward a new technology of product concept can follow the pace of the times will not be eliminated, but in the process of design, Shouban production is one of the most important link among them. As can be imagined, the traditional hand making has many disadvantages: not beautiful appearance design; design of intellectual property rights and confidentiality laws; structure and function is not up to expectations, it is difficult to mass production; the design cycle is too long; the product is not up to the design effect; customer service service without security doubts and problems faced a series of new product development, 3D printing solutions it can be an easy job to do.

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