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Intelligent manufacturing technology overall flowering, things based on the increasingly prominent position

As one of the core technologies of intelligent manufacturing, the Internet of things has obviously accelerated the pace of commercialization, and the Internet of things is coming. In this process, the basic status of Internet of things in intelligent manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent, and it has become the link between intelligent manufacturing technology and the bridge to promote technology integration.

Since the "2025 China manufacturing" put forward two years, China's smart manufacturing industry is growing rapidly in the relevant policy support under the background of the intelligent manufacturing technology has made considerable progress, showing a good situation full flowering. As one of the core technologies of intelligent manufacturing, the Internet of things has significantly accelerated the pace of commercialization in the near future. China Unicom to complete the global network of narrowband things deployed, China Telecom built the world's first, the most widely covered commercial new generation, networking and other heavy messages have come, indicating that the Internet of things era is coming. In this process, the Internet of things is becoming more and more important in the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Internet of things + robots

It is a general trend for robots to take part in our daily production and life. You can imagine, in the future of the wisdom of the factory, smart home, the robot figure is indispensable. As part of the factory's production system, as a member of the home smart appliances, the connection between the robot and other machines is very important. The application of Internet of things is an effective way to prevent the robot from becoming an isolated island of information.

The industrial robot as an example, the four giants ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA has already started the strategic layout in the field of networking. With the help of the perception of things, the transmission of information, intelligent analysis and decision function, the manufacturer gives their robot products with "features" and "intelligence", which has visual, touch and taste, to finish most of the need for human beings to complete the work, and strengthen the information interaction between machine and machine, to coordinate production.

Internet of things +3D printing

3D printing, as the universal technology of making objects, is closely related to the Internet of things. Today, 3D printing industry by the production of individual equipment, individual to develop unified printing service platform transformation, and this and things from production terminal equipment to R & D service platform upgrade coincides with the trend. After the 3D printer is connected to the intelligent device of the Internet of things, remote control can be realized. Further, through the help of cloud technology and sensor technology, people will be able to control 3D printing process more effectively and improve the quality of 3D printing.

At the same time, things help 3D printing technology has also been rewarded. 3D printing, which is known for its fast manufacturing speed, can create more and more efficient connection devices, thus accelerating hardware research and development. So fast R & D speed, nature will be applied to the Internet of things connected devices R & D, so that the Internet of things industry benefit.

Internet of things + big data

Compared with other intelligent manufacturing technology, networking for big data and cloud computing industry importance is particularly prominent, it can be said that the Internet of things is the springhead of large data industry.

The connection of things to everything is essentially a data connection. The Internet of things mining, collecting data to the big data layer for processing, and then accept large data layer of data to act on objects. No Internet of things, big data industry is the root of the wood. Whether Adidas hopes its new 3D print shoes to collect user data to improve the product, or WAL-MART to customers under the automatic order picking through its acquisition of product data using smart tags, cannot do without support behind internet based technology.

The Internet of things itself is not an industry. Only by combining it with all kinds of traditional industries and emerging industries, can we bring out a huge amount of light and heat. Nowadays, the application of "Internet of things +" mode is becoming more and more common. The types of products are constantly increasing, and the forms of innovation are becoming more and more important. The contribution to the intelligent manufacturing industry is becoming larger and larger. It can be said that the Internet has become a link of the intelligent manufacturing technology and bridge to promote technology integration, greater cohesion centripetal force pushing forward the intelligent manufacturing industry.

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