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3D prints how to turn on shoes life: the evolution of 3D print sneakers

Introduction: with the future development of 3D printing technology and materials and personalized needs upgrading, direct manufacturing applications in footwear and consumer products industry will be more common.

OFweek3D print news in early 2012, footwear manufacturers has been exploring the development of 3D printing of sports shoes, Hangzhou some leading enterprises will be the first 3D scanning, 3D detection technology is applied to the design and development of shoe sole and heel. In addition to the importance of consistent design, functionality and comfort have become the focus of the design effort. Today brings you the evolution of 3D print sneakers.

In earlier years, 3D printing played an important role in the prototype of footwear manufacturing (Prototyping) and concept of (proof). In the early stages of product design, designers propose design concepts and translate them into models for further design and improvement.

Direct manufacturing is the manufacture of the final product directly by rapid prototyping. Direct manufacturing is considered to be the development trend of 3D printing technology. At present, footwear can be achieved by direct manufacturing of 3D printing parts for sole or shoe midsole, as well as uppers. Midsole, the part of the sole that does not touch the ground and does not touch the foot, is most important for comfort. Many footwear manufacturers have made many attempts to design shoes that fit the human mechanics.

With the development of 3D printing technology and materials and the increasing demand for personalized products, direct manufacturing will be more popular in the footwear and consumer products industry.

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