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3D printing technology brings 3 worries to the UAV industry

Manufacturers use 3D printing to produce UAVs, mainly in terms of their shaping efficient, rapid, cost saving, allowing complex design advantages. However, 3D printing also brings some worries to the industry and even the whole manufacturing industry, which is largely caused by the strong production mode of 3D printing autonomy. But the root of the problem lies in human supervision.

In recent years, 3D printing technology is more and more frequently used in the manufacture of robots, as one of the branches of UAVs, naturally there are many 3D printing products. Manufacturers use 3D printing to produce UAVs, mainly in terms of their shaping efficient, rapid, cost saving, allowing complex design advantages. However, 3D printing in the UAV industry to provide great convenience, but also brings some worries, which is largely due to 3D printing autonomy is very strong mode of production caused.

3D printing allows UAVs to experience intellectual property crisis

Recently, 3D printing technology brings new challenges to the protection of intellectual property rights has aroused widespread concern in the industry: as long as the design drawings of a product and the specific parameters and has 3D printing equipment, materials and technology, anyone can secretly manufacture the product at any place. Out of harm is driven by interest fancier 3D printing counterfeit products. Secondly, the key is once the technology is bad business use and produce a large number of counterfeit products into the market, is worst of all. At present, 3D printing model of space vehicle industry event infringement disputes have emerged, as the UAV Nova transportation manufacturing industry, its intellectual property and patent design is to have an ulterior motive from 3D printing possibilities also exist, related manufacturing enterprises shall not prevent.

3D printing or aggravating UAV black fly phenomenon

The rapid development of UAV industry, mass consumer products continue to emerge. The increasing popularity of UAVs has brought about a growing phenomenon of "black fly", which has a certain degree of adverse effects on aviation safety. Have to say, 3D printing may aggravate this phenomenon. The exact reason is also the arbitrary manufacture of 3D printing without time and space restrictions. Individuals with production conditions can manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles without restriction, and these potentially dangerous threats can be imagined as soon as they are launched without quality inspection. Even more frightening is that criminals who print homemade drones via 3D will lead to more smuggling. Therefore, the manufacture of 3D printing drones must be regulated with strict systems and laws.

3D printing or drones production faces greater security risks

3D printing according to pre-set data for rapid prototyping, one-time molding features, for the UAV industry is a double-edged sword. There is no doubt about the benefits of improving production efficiency, but it also creates the seeds of risk. The day before, an international research team in the possibility of hacking the 3D printer. They destroyed a drone by modifying 3D to print digital files. The naked eye can hardly see the difference between the ***pered and 3D printed UAV propellers before ***pering. But the researchers use data ***pering means makes the propeller blade and the joint in the 3D printing process left in the cavity of 0.1 mm, resulting in UAV flight reached the maximum force of the propeller, thus breaking the crash. This means of attacking 3D printing devices, if really exploited by hackers, will undoubtedly bring huge losses to UAV manufacturers.

The "side effect" of 3D printing is the case in the UAV industry, as well as in manufacturing. This is fundamentally a matter of human supervision. As long as the design perfect protection technology and the establishment of a sound management system and regulations to regulate, people can avoid the 3D print "unlimited freedom" the negative effects, so that the technology brings more positive energy to our production and life.

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