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The trend of transformation from manufacturing equipment to research platform for the development of 3D printing industry

[China intelligent manufacturing network intelligence made news] in addition to 3D printing research and production, some of the leading enterprises have now turned to the 3D printing platform system design and development. 3D printing industry from manufacturing equipment to the development of service platform transformation of the initial trend. This may be a process for all industries in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Recently, the trend of the Internet of things industry from the terminal device to the service platform has become increasingly evident. At the same time, a similar shift has surfaced in the field of 3D printing. In addition to the development and production of 3D printing equipment, some of the leading enterprises have already turned their attention to the design and development of 3D printing platform system. Two forces from the manufacturing giant and the 3D printing company contributed to the initial unfolding of the situation.

Manufacturing giants have moved to optimize services with the 3D print platform

With the arrival of the "4 age", most of the traditional manufacturing giants with strong strength have launched technological explorations to seek novelty and change. 3D printing, as a manufacturing technology with potential for subversion, is undoubtedly the focus of their attention. 3D printing platform construction, naturally these manufacturing giant participation. On this year's situation, in this regard, more force is SIEMENS and general purpose.

Last month, SIEMENS in the 2017 Hannover Messe announced its plans to develop a collaboration platform based on the new site, so as to achieve the required product design and 3D printing production in the global manufacturing industry through it. At present, the team SIEMENS product lifecycle management software is the development of a new online platform, the ultimate goal is to establish a qualified product designer, work shop, 3D, OEM, printer parts buyers material suppliers, factories and other "online micro ecological system".

And SIEMENS's construction purpose is slightly different, General Motors will be its 3D printing platform service object set for each manufacturer, and the role of the platform is mainly evaluation and guidance. Earlier this month, GM and non profit enterprise SME in cooperation with the Florida Institute of Technology, developed an online evaluation system, called "additive manufacturing technology in order to provide independent assessment", "expert system" for the manufacturer, to determine the best machines, materials and processes for a given part and application.

3D printing company leveraging the Internet of things to accelerate the construction of service platform

Traditional manufacturing tycoons are so keen on the development of 3D printing platforms, let alone the leading enterprises in the field of 3D printing. With a strong equipment manufacturing infrastructure, coupled with the power of things, 3D printing platform has quickly become the next strategic focus of such companies.

Recently, 3D Systems announced that it will work with the nearly 30 year history of the Internet of things company PTC, plans to the company's research and development platform ThingWorx embedded into their 3D printers. This decision is part of a plan to shift from prototype to 3D print production, which will maximize printer availability and productivity. The platform not only allows customers to create real-time dashboards to monitor their 3D printers, but also enables 3D Systems to understand the printer's service requirements. 3D Systems can also take remote diagnostic problems and even remotely fix machines.

This situation from the networking industry and 3D printing industry reflects the point of view, the transformation from heavy products to service or process industries in the field of intelligent manufacturing experience. After all, intelligent manufacturing is the reason why intelligent manufacturing, it is very important to its people-oriented connotation of the spirit. All the development of new and high technology eventually points to the service of mankind itself, not the old road of human beings. Therefore, when the material level is developed to a more complete level, then it is natural to consider how to allow the material to serve mankind better.

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