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Analysis of several key factors to realize safe production of metal 3D printing

The metal 3D printing technology has gradually moved to the production field, plays an important role in the manufacturing of complex components or small batch production, GE, Airbus, Honeywell and other well-known manufacturing users in the world in recent years has established increasing material manufacturing center, and more than one metal 3D printing equipment installation. In addition to these large manufacturing enterprises, some segments of the small and medium-sized manufacturing users have also installed metal 3D printing equipment, and to create enterprises in the field of increasing material manufacturing competitiveness.

We know that in each manufacturing production safety norms, there is need to comply with all the production line or each workshop in the well, with metal 3D printing equipment more and more to the enterprise production workshop, the user should be done to ensure the safety of production? What are the security risks that need to be circumvented in the use of metal 3D printing equipment? In this period, mainly in the small laser melting metal powder bed 3D printing equipment and printing materials, for example, lists the factors of safety hazards exist, provide a reference for the safety of users, regulate the operation of metal 3D printing devices.

Risks in the use of powders and inert gases

A powder bed laser melted metal 3D printer uses metal powder with a particle size of 10-70 microns. This type of powder material has the risk of fire or explosion, in addition, the body's long-term exposure to powder particles and inhalation will also pose a hidden danger to health.

In the powder bed laser melting process, the laser partially melts the metal powder. The process is carried out in inert gas (argon or nitrogen), which produces oxygen in a closed environment, which is also the second source of risk. In addition, a certain amount of "smoke" will be produced during laser melting of metal powders, which will be deposited in the print room and filter. The particles in the smoke are finer than the metal powder itself, and there is a similar safety hazard to the metal powder, so regular cleaning is necessary.

To sum up, there are four main hazards in the process of laser melting in powder bed, such as fire and explosion, powder inhalation and contact, inert gas choking and material waste on the environment.

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