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3D meat printers make different tastes

According to foreign media "3D print" website reported on May 3rd, the Australian meat and livestock industry association MLA is a non-profit research organization before the red meat, launched a new 3D printing products for consumers to choose beef. The organization for the import of a Holland manufacturing meat water flow printer, specifically for meat food manufacturing complex of various shapes.

Minced meat products in the water is two times of cutting, by-product or process, such as meat or offal powder etc.. It can be used as raw material for 3D printing to make meat products, so as to reduce the production of intermediate links, and to avoid the loss of food processing, transportation and packaging.

Last year, the MLA society decided to start making 3D meat dishes. Have heard the news media are curious, 3D printing can produce delicious beef products? Will someone be ready to eat it? The exciting thing is that the organization has come up with a clear slogan that 3D printing should be presented to the public as part of cooking.

MLA is not the only adventurer in the field of 3D printing meat products, although it has unique ideas about visceral print design, but it is not widely known. It's just the achievement with a 3D printer prepared 5 minced meat food in addition to water printing, 3D printing technology is very familiar with the meat food.

MLA chef Sam Burke has been personally tasting print food, he introduced 3D printing technology to the production of appetizers and meat products. Researchers believe that the past "secondary" status in cooking meat can also be used to make an ideal food, such as quaint burrito or pie. Some people look at the invention in a new light, but MLA is making serious use of the 3D printer to produce the next generation of meat.

In order to solve the problem of hunger, scientists have suggested that people in a dish of meat edible tissue laboratory, now has a 3D printer, was considered useless scraps of water also come in handy. MLA members point out that this technique is not intended to replace the existing sausages and steaks, but in some cases, 3D foods are desirable. For example, it will bring more low-cost accessories for making hamburgers, thereby amplifying the fast-food industry profit channels.

3D prints the steak style, compared with the real Australian steak, although inexpensive, but similar in appearance, taste good. The export price of high-quality Australia steak $50 a kilo, but the minced pork products is far lower than the price. If slaughterhouses through new technology will print into water and minced meat food, and fast food industry joint development, it will obtain huge profits.

The researchers added that 3D technology can not only print the minced meat water, non organic meat can print biosynthesis, the vegetarian and animal rights activists are also good news. In addition, for children who do not like to eat vegetables, parents can also use 3D food printer, print rich variety of vegetables pancakes, made into children's favorite style, easily let them take balanced nutrition. MLA said that although the 3D meat printer is expensive now, the future may be like a microwave oven, becoming a commonly used kitchen appliance and going into every household.

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