CJ-R4090UV A2 size 8 colors UV LED printer

 CJ-R4090UV A2 size 8 colors UV LED printer

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     CJ-R4090UV tablet direct uv printer , 8 colors(CMYK+WWWW) head, this machine can print any color pictures on any color materials. 5760*1440 dpi max printing resolution
    CJ-R4090UV tablet direct uv printer  offers all the benefits of the smaller uv printer with even greater versatility and spectacular photo-quality print reproduction onto almost any material, like phone case, pen, lighter, metal, glass, wood, leather, Rigid PVC board, plastic, organic board, rubber, special paper, porcelain, PVC, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, iron sheet, ceramic tile, marble, granite, paperboard etc
  Its maximum printing size is 400mm*900mm, which is enough to sign and custom design printing shop.
Technical Features:
<1>. It can directly print on the all surface and software materials except clothes
<2>. 8 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, White,White, White) with best color performance,
<3>. Low printing cost, less procedures of production.
<4>. Inks drying by UV LED lamp. Which is faster and high quality.
<5>. simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it after brief training.
<6>. Rigid industrial design ensures quality output with physical resolution 5760*2880dpi.
<7>. Small size machine, can achieve operation with any angle and save the working room.

 CJ-R4090UV tablet direct uv printer 
Max print size40*90cm/15.7*35.4print height15cm/5.9
Print resolution5760*1440 dpiPrint qualityTrue Photographic quality
Printing directionSmart Bi-directional Printing ModeInk colorsCMYK+WWWW
Printing speed:        720 dpi   50 seconds/A4 size   1440 dpi  100  seconds/A4 size.
Print mediasPhone case, CD, Pen, Rigid PVC board, glass, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, specialpaper, metal, wood, porcelain, PVC, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, iron sheet, ceramic tile, glass, marble, granite, paperboard etc
Operating systemwindow7/winow 10Interface double USB port
Ink typeUV LED inkInk supply250ml/bottle
Driving power110 V/ 220 V.Power consumption130 W/ Hour.
SoftwarePhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator,warrantyOne year warranty
Packing Size110*75*60 cmDelivery7 working days after receiving the deposit





CJ-R4090UV tablet direct uv printer  can print 42*90cm/15.7*35.4cm size, can meet most small business daily printing business. fast printing speed by print on A4 size with full color only need 55 seconds.


5760*2880dpi max printing resolution can print out high quality pictures



CJ-R4090UV  tablet direct uv printer  use Strong machanical thicken aluminium profile to ensure the stable working and silence printing




 Long spanlife uv led lamp, never broken, Cooling by water.




UV LED lamp dimming button,  dimming the uv led lamp to fit different materials printing.




Equipped with EPSON DX5 print head, CMYK+WWWW 8 colors/cahnnels. high quality and faster printing.




 Large-capacity ink cartridge with ink stirring system to prevent ink from depositing

Two levels ink filter system ensures printheads will not be clogged easily.




Easy operation panel, Backward, Foward, Up, Down, Pause/Stop, Online/Offline and ink changing, easy to adjust and run




Printing samples:





 colorjet industry 10

colorjet industry A56

Customer feedback:

Service and warranty:
One year warranty
You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, MSN etc. Remote control will be provided upon request.


Free exchange of new components
Our quality is guaranteed 100%, the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes the airfreight by express, except for the print head and some consumable parts.


Free online consultation
The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our professional technician easily.

Free onsite installation and training
If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it


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CJ A1 UV Printer For Acrylic Paper Max Printing Size 100*75CM

CJ R9080 A1+ uv printer with 3 PCS 4720 heads 100*75cm print sizeR9080UV 3d effect uv printer with 3 PCS 4720 heads, 100*75cm print sizeis designed for customed printing, with uv led inks, this printer can print any materials like phone case, pen, wood, plastic, metal.acrylic,glass,ceramic metal,leather,bottles. 100*75cm/39.4*29.5 inches print size, 12cm print height, if 60*90 cm size is not enoguh for you, our 100*75cm size machine may good choice for you  3 pcs EPSON 4720/3200 print heads , A1 uv printer with varnish inks can print cyan,magenta,yellow,black varnsih and white inks at one pass. high quality varnish glossy effcect,  and the printing speed is 2 times much faster than EPSON DX5 or EPSON DX7. Our own designed printing system and control mainboard, easy to use and never have errors, support CMYK+White+Varnish colors inks print together, 3D emsbossed printing, Mug rotary printing, cover white printing, self protection and self cleaning support.  3 pcs epson 4720 print heads, can print CMYK+White+varnish inks together, and inside of ink bottles system, the inks will flow in bottles and tubes, so can stop the inks precipitating, so the print head can work longer.   EPSON 4720/3200 print head, has 400*8=3200 nozzle, much more than dx5/7(180*8=1440 nozzle), and 1.5dpi, make this print head printing quality much more better than dx5/7, and the printing speed is 2 times than dx5 or dx7, and 2.5 times than TX800(DX10/DX8) or XP600(DX6).Print materials:Model NumberCJ-R9080UV 3d uv printer A1print head3 pcs EP DX10/4720 print headsPrint size 100*75cm/39.4*26.4inches,  12cm inches print heightInk ColorCMYK,LC,LM+White +VarnishInk typeUV LED CURING INKPrint resolution720dpi, 1440dpi, 2160dpi, 3200dpiMedia typephone, pen, banner, metal, Wood, glass, acrylic, ceramic tiles, paper, leather, PVC, pe, MDF, Print speed4 pass   18 sqm/hour6 pass    12 sqm/hour8 pass    6 sqm/hourAir Draft4 air draft disionsEnviroment Temperature: 18-45 &deg;C  humidity: 40_70 %RIP softwareMaintop/PhotoprintImage formatTIFF, JPEG/EPS/PDFPacking size  1560*1578*1227mmPrint head unit, Cast aluminum alloy, integrated molding,high precision to ensure print quality and long working lifespan    100*75cm/39.4*29.5 inches print size, 12cm print height, vacuum air suction flatbed, bigger size rotary printing area, support 1-3 pcs mugs or bottles printing togehter.Imported Stainless steel silent rail from Japan. Long working hours, anti-deformation, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance.Large capacity ink cartridge,500ml.Built-in mixing system, lack of ink alarm system,print head unit up & down system, one screw and 2 pcs square guides, work more stable.UV LED lamp, 2 hours warranty, more than 30000 hours lifespan.     Feedback   Welcome to visit us          More recommendations     CJ-UV3560Deluxe Printer               CJ-D3040UV Small Size                   CJ-3040T Shirt Printer                           —— —— ——Shanghai Colorjet Industry Co.,LtdWhatapp/Phone/wechat/Skype: +86-18221750691 /Phone: +8618717901469YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-MNQ3XJxrzVRt79K9A9fQ?view_as=subscriberFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AlexChang1990http://www.colorjet-industry.com 

Color jet A3 small uv printer for phone case PVC wood glass
Color jet

CJ-D3040UV A3 small uv printer for call phone case ModelCJ-D3040UVPrint head1 pcs EPSON DX10 or EPSON DX7 print headColorCyan, magenta, yellow, black, 2/4 white, 6/8 colorsMax print size12.95*15.70 inch (300*400mm)Print resolution720*1800 dpi,720*2880dpi, 360*2880 dpiAccepted material's height16 cm Max.Print qualityTrue Photographic quality Print speed1440 dpi  85  seconds/A4 size.Applicable industryPen, phone case, glass, plastic, board, leather, rubber, lighter, metal, wood, porcelain,  PVC, ABS, acrylic,  aluminum, ceramic tile, glass, marble, granite, paper etcOperating system/Win7/Win10LanguagesEnglish/ChineseInk typeUV LED inkDriving power110 V/ 220 V.SoftwarePhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator,Gross weight50 KG This machine use our own designed software and mainboard, stablely working.can support, CMYK+white inks print together, 3D embosed printing, rotary mug printing.Print head :Epson DX10/dx7  CMYK+WWWW 6/8 colors print print out, can print high quality picutre with 3embossed effect.If want good quality 3D embossed effect, and want print head use longer,  please chooce EPSON DX7 headThis machine supprot CMYK+White print together, so can save printing time.And support 3D embossed effect printing.40cm(W)*30cm(L) print size, 16 cm print height, which make this machine print more phone case or other materials together.Raytheon servo motorDIY printing pen printer UV flatbed printer A3 size use Raytheon servo motor, which can use longer and work more stable.Automatic inks protection and suction unitThis unit control by computer software ,work automatic ,can protect and keep wet for print heads, that so the print head use longer.UV Led lampHas a long lifespan which more than 30000 hours.LED technology has proved that use the uv led lamp to drying the inks will be reliability and economical performance.The polymerization technique of UV inks is practical and fast to use, no pre-coating is necessary to have a grip of UV inks.German Imported mute Drag ChainThe German imported silence drag chain is necessary to use for this machine to reduce wear and tears, protect the inks tubes and head cables. make machine use longer.Click here contact usApplication CJ-D3040UV printer can print on any of medias More recommendations       CJ-D3040T Shirt Printer              CJ-UV3560Deluxe Printer              CJ-R9080UV Printer 3 Heads Packaging           Why choose us For we are "Professional industrial digital printing solution provider"FAQ Q1:Are you the manufacturer?A: Yes, our factory specialized in the UV printer, t-shirt printer and eco solvent printer in Shanghai. Welcome to visit us, and it will be great if you are interested to be our agent in your country. Q2:How can we start to use the printer ?A:When you got the printer ,our engineer will service you at first ,They will tell you how to start and teach you use it one by one until you can use it by yourself Q3:where can I purchase more inks or parts from?A:Our factory also provide inks ,kinds of rotary and other parts,you can buy from us or other suppliers in you local market Q4:What's the printing cost ?A:Usually the A3 full size cost about 0.06USD So the printing cost is very low Q5:Does the uv printer can print the 3D embossed effect ?A:yes ,its can print out that effect ,please contact us for more information and printing videos Q6:How to maintenance the printer ?A:About the maintenance ,we suggest to power on the printer once a day .If you don't use the printer more than 3 days ,please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer ,protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head—— —— ——Shanghai Colorjet Industry Co.,LtdWhatapp/Phone/wechat/Skype: +86-18221750691 /Phone: +8618717901469YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-MNQ3XJxrzVRt79K9A9fQ?view_as=subscriberFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AlexChang1990http://www.colorjet-industry.com 

A3 digital dtg printer for t-shirt cotton garment printer price
A3 digital

A3 dtg printerCJ-D3040T A3 desktop t-shirt printing machine With the EPSON DX7, 8 colors (CMYK+4 whites) print head, this machine can print faster and any color pictures on any color clothes.CJ-RD3040T t shirt printer can be used for all colors cotton t-shirts, caps, customizing clothes, school uniforms, Parent-child clothes                                      Printing size30*40cmPrintheadEPSOON DX7Print Color8 Color:  cyan,magenta, yellow, black, and 4 whitePrinting DirectionBi-Direction / UnidirectionPrinting Speed1440DPI model: A4 size/64sControl AutomaticMax. height of object133mmMax. Printing resolution5760DPI*1440DPIInk Tank Volume500MLPrinting Inkwater based textile pigment inkHeight AdjustAutomatic/Manual AdjustPrinthead ProtectionIntelligent Self Protect SystemPower110-220V 50-60HZ 75WPrinting InterfaceUSB2.0/LTPOperation SystemWindows7 / 10Working Environment10-35 C,20-80 RHMax.printing weight20KGPrinter Size800X650X560mmShipping Size900X720X600mmPrinter N.Weight/G.Weight50KG/80KG Professional printing system and mainboard: Colorjet industry company use professional printing system and main board for this new model DTG printer, make this machine have no error, easy to use, and work stably.EP DX7 print head: For print head, we choose epson dx7 print, because, it is CMYK+WWWW 8 colors/channels. when printing on dark clothes,  8colors/channles can work much better than 6 colors print head(L1390 head, DX10(TX800) or DX6(xp600 head)2160 max DPIresolution  make sure the printing quality meet most customers daily printing quality needsCompare DX5, the dx7 head is much cheap price, and printing quality, almost no difference.  print head cant work forever, they just work 8-12 months, so price of head also much important.LED touch control screen: well designed, easy adjust and control. you can adjust flatbed move( up & down, back & forward),head moving, head cleaning, white ink circulation)High accuracy capping station system:Automatic moving up and down, keep the print head wet, protect print head wellWhite ink circulation system:White ink circulation system decrease problem caused by white inks precipitation, make the print head use longer make Large capacity ink cartridge to ensure continuous ink supply.Stainless steel silent rails:Imported stainless steel silent rails for more precise and quiet printing.Automatic adjust platform:Automatic adjust platform, move smoothness.30*40cm print size can print both baby and adult clothes. Printed samples:More recommendations          CJ-D3040UV Printer                   CJ-UV3560Deluxe Printer                   CJ-R9080UV PrinterPacking: Why choose us:For we are "Professional industrial digital printing solution provider"—— —— ——Shanghai Colorjet Industry Co.,LtdWhatapp/Phone/wechat/Skype: +86-18221750691 /Phone: +8618717901469YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-MNQ3XJxrzVRt79K9A9fQ?view_as=subscriberFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AlexChang1990http://www.colorjet-industry.com 

CJ A3 UV Printer For Phone Case Pen Bottle Mug With Rotary

 CJ A3 size phone case pen uv flatbed printerModelCJ-UV3560Deluxe A3 uv flatbed printerPrint head1 pcs EPSON DX10/5/7 headColorCMYK+White, Max print size35*50cm/13.7*20 InchesPrint resolution1440*2880 dpi,720*2880dpi, 360*2880 dpiAccepted material's height18 CM MaxPrint qualityTrue Photographic qualityPrinting speed720 dpi   50 seconds/A4 size1440 dpi  100  seconds/A4 size.Applicable industryPen, phone case, glass, plastic, board, leather, rubber, lighter, metal, wood, porcelain,  PVC, ABS, acrylic,  aluminum, ceramic tile, glass, marble, granite, paper etcOperating systemWindows XP/ME/Vista/Win7LanguagesEnglish/ChineseInk typeUV LED inkDriving power110 V/ 220 V.SoftwarePhotoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator,Gross weight85 KGExclusive Advantages & specification:* Antioxidative aluminum vacuum sucking platform is more durable and stable. * UV ink technology - vibrant prints, beautiful colors that are highly water, smudge and fade-resistant. available to print embossed effect by adjusting inkjet quantity or by multi-times printing.* Individual, large Continuous Ink Supply System - 250 ml large refill cartridge - refill ink less often / no need to change cartridges. * Specialized RIP print software - support white and color print together, built-in color curve, auto-selecting inks - achieve optimal density and superior contrast. * Ball-screw + Linear guide rail + Servo motor drive - more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability. * White ink stirring system – less ink sediment – better white printing quality and less ink clogging.* Specialized printing system & mainboard, no Paper Jam or General Error, working stable, no ink printing pass line, print effect is very smooth.Machine details:This machine use our own designed software and mainboard, stably working.can support, CMYK+white inks print together, 3D embossed printing, rotary mug printing. Print head :Epson DX10/dx7 print head CMYK+2/4W 6/8 colors print print out, can print high quality picture with 3d embossed effect.If want good quality 3D embossed effect, and want print head use longer,  please choice EPSON DX7 head. Automatic inks protection and suction unit:This unit control by computer software ,work automatic ,can protect and keep wet for print heads, that so the print head use longer.Ball-screw + Linear guide rail + Servo motor drive - more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability. thicken aluminium profile made as the keel of the machine to ensure the machine stable working.Antioxidative aluminum vacuum sucking platform is more durable and stable.Super table size ensure you can print on any media with max. 35*50cm printing area.  Support max.material thickness 18cm. expand more printing area for customer.Hiwin linear guide with high-precision, noiseless, build for long time useUV LED Lamp, more than 30000 hours working life, two years warranty, temperature can be adjust by the switch. with luminance control, adjustment according to the different medias. High quality LED UV curing system can get working power during 100W~200W immediately without waiting, LED light cost less power, harmless for human health. Combine with high effective water circulation cooling system to ensure stable printing.Click here contact us Application: More recommendations       CJ-D3040T Shirt Printer                   CJ-D3040UV Printer                 CJ-R9080UV Printer 3 Heads Packing: Why choose us:For we are "Professional industrial digital printing solution provider"            —— —— —— ——Shanghai Colorjet Industry Co.,LtdWhatapp/Phone/wechat/Skype: +86-18221750691 /Phone: +8618717901469YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-MNQ3XJxrzVRt79K9A9fQ?view_as=subscriberFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AlexChang1990http://www.colorjet-industry.com 

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